A word from the President


Since its takeover on December 12, 2016 by my holding rail investments, MBD design, a world leader in passenger rail equipment design created in 1972, has taken a new impetus.

First, thanks to the relentless involvement of the teams,

– New offers have been defined: Beyond the 3d synthesis images, the models and the design books, the development of an animation and virtual reality film capacity,

– New customers have already trusted us: beyond rail, bus transport and smart buildings,

– New markets have been invested: Beyond France, China and South Korea, to Dubai, India, Turkey and Brazil,

– More structured processes have been put in place: pricing of quotes and responses to tenders, followed by the execution of the projects won.

Then, this dynamic enabled MBD to reconnect with a significant organic growth in its turnover in 2017.

Finally to complete this sequence, the acquisition on 14 June 2018 of 100% of Noma composites, one of the European leaders of large composite materials products for rail passenger trains created in 1958, allows MBD Design, to master a second element Structuring in the value chain.

So I am proud to announce the creation of MBD Technologies.

The group now with a striking force of 117 collaborators divided between the sites of Paris (75) and mauves-in-camera (61) will be able to develop and accelerate in the implementation of a more ambitious strategy.

A triple ambition for growth

Organic growth: Design and composite materials are structuring, innovative, differentiating and therefore more and more indispensable to the manufacturers of equipment goods and their own customers.

First in the railway sector where MBD and NOMA benefit from an undeniable historical base of customers whose confidence is not degraded year after year.

We started working with manufacturers and operators who were not customers of either company.

Then in the bus and coach sector, both the manufacturers and the operators have more and more needs in design and in the production of composite elements.

We become more aware of them every day by going to meet them and responding to their solicitations and invitations to tender.

After that, in the field of public transport of river and air travellers, more limited in volumes but in very strong growth too, there are formidable opportunities that we will seize.

Finally the smart cities both in terms of infrastructure and buildings are very much on the lookout for the questions of design and composite materials.

External growth: An accelerator of organic growth in geographical, sectoral or control of other structuring elements of the value chain at the service of our customers.

Growth through Innovation: an accelerator in particular by working closely with start-ups and competitiveness poles close to the skills of the group and those of its clients.

A new method borrowing from the best of the worlds of the traditional company and the innovative company

First, a close cooperation between MBD Design and NOMA composites:

This is one of the conditions for the success of this ambition in the service of the quality of the services and the products that our customers buy us and of the accomplishment and the well-being of the employees who design them.

Then, an ever-improved agility:

It makes it possible to respond faster and better by relying on the right to experiment and error.

Finally, a collective work, co-construction:

With our customers, thanks to the sharing of experience and close collaboration, it is indispensable to achieve new common objectives such as the optimization of the LCC, the better recyclability of products, the consideration of the problems low Costs, a reflection on the materials of the future, the changeover to the factory 4.0.

I thus count on a shared effort of each, in a respect of the values of ethics, proximity, transparency and security, in order to reinforce the positions of MBD Technologies in the industrial design and the production of structuring parts of materials Composites in the collective transport of all-mode travelers and the smart city.

Christophe Le Blanc,

President of MBD Technologies