The Spirit MBD Design

The agency

Founded in 1972, MBD design develops global design solutions in the following sectors: Rail, road, maritime, military, special vehicles, Smart city, smart building.

Among the world leaders in design transport, MBD design deploys its activities in Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States and the Middle East. The team is expert in the conduct of complex, strategic or international-scale projects.

MBD Design has won over 30 international awards.

Creativity and Pragmatism

Several decades of experience supported by a good understanding of cultural, economic and technical contexts serve as a basis for projects led by MBD. Realistically, MBD has adapted its creative responses to the ambitions of the projects entrusted to them, on the short or the long term.

Convinced that design is above all a factor of economic competitiveness and disruptive innovations, MBD’s first objective is to carry out all its creations in a clear perspective of positive return on investment for its customers.

Creative/Prospective Design

Innovative and realistic concepts are integrated into the research process to imagine and anticipate the best uses for all passengers.

Render 3d

MBD looks for an incomparable 3d render quality, with specially adapted software and on which the team is in permanent industrial standby. More than 100 years of combined experience in the agency.


Over the years, MBD has developed its own proprietary ergonomic data in 3d, allowing it to define precise and comfortable driving, moving and image positions.

Technical development

MBD is well acquainted with the technological constraints of the railway industry and therefore proposes design solutions fully compliant with the requirements of its customers with realistic and seductive proposals from the outset.

Communication tools

The industrial design does not only concern the creation of smarter solutions, but also their communication and the explanations in support. We can produce ranges of ready-to-use internal communication tools.

Animation 3d modeling

MBD Design produces realistic, high-quality 3d animation films from other 3d models and/or in real environments. The agency offers support for 3d visualizations and virtual realities.

Many international awards and prizes: