Qui sommes-nous ?

Un groupe industriel tourné vers l'avenir

Born from the merger of two activities, one of Industrial Design (MBD Design), the other of production of composite parts (Noma Composites), MBD Technologies masters the entire design and production cycle of parts for companies belonging to such rich and varied fields: rail, military, maritime, aviation, etc.

The development of the MBD Technologies group is based on the know-how and expertise of two companies with strong growth potential: MBD Design and Noma Composites.

Two brands, one strong ambition:
to promote French excellence throughout the world

  • Develops global design solutions in various sectors
  • One of the world leaders in Transport Design with activities all over the world....
  • Recognized know-how and expertise in the production of composite parts
  • A strong potential for diversification into new areas....
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